Making applesauce on a stove

Homemade Applesauce Made Easy

By: Chasity Burrell  |   January 01, 2022

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Learning to make things from scratch is one of the main goals of anyone who desires to live a homesteading lifestyle. Even if you don’t have a homestead of your own yet, learning to make things from home with whole, real ingredients can be a skill you practice! Long before you buy the farm! Begin with something simple! Like applesauce!!!

What you will need:

Using a stockpot, some ripe apples, and Roots & Harvest food mill and you are on your way to fresh, homemade applesauce that is FAR superior to ANYTHING you could buy from the store! And best of all, you did it yourself! 


Simply slice apples and add one cup water to a large stockpot. Mine is approximately 5-6 quarts. You can peel your apples if desired, or you can leave the peeling on! 

Cook the apples by turning the heat on medium and allow the apples to break down gradually. The process took me about an hour. Stir the apples occasionally to make sure there is no scorching on the bottom of pan. 

Once the apples are tender and you can break them apart easily, transfer them over a cup or two at a time to your food mill which should be set over another pot or large bowl.

Turn the handle around and around and you will notice the apples will begin to break down even more and go through the sieve on the bottom of food mill. The result will be the loveliest applesauce! 

For variations, you could add spices to your apples while you cook as well. Just remember to remove the spices before adding your apples to food mill. Store your applesauce in mason jars in the fridge and eat within 2 weeks. If you wish to preserve the applesauce, fill sauce in clean jars, attach new lids and bands, and process in a hot water bath canner for 15 minutes for pints or 20 minutes for quarts. Enjoy!

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