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Gifts That Will Satisfy Any Homesteaders Heart

November 14, 2022

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While I am a firm believer that the perfect gift is usually homemade that comes straight from the heart, I do believe store-bought presents can be just as meaningful and needed sometimes.

When I buy something from the store I usually try and follow these guidelines:

  1. It needs to be something useful
  2. It needs to be something of good quality
  3. It needs to be something that can be used time and time again… so that it is the gift that keeps on giving!

Cheese Making KitWhich is why when Roots & Harvest reached out to me to try some of their products, I just knew I needed to say yes! Their products meet all the marks. Their quality is top notch and the fact that I can use them over and over again to bless my family is wonderful.

One area that I have been wanting to improve my skills in is cheese making. I can do simple cheeses that don’t require added equipment, but in order to make more complicated cheeses, I needed extra tools and equipment.

This cheese making kit is the perfect kit to get started. It has the necessary tools you will need to be able to make a hard cheese. And it wouldn’t be complete without a cheese thermometer. I have not only used the cheese thermometer for making cheese, but also to make yogurts and other dairy products!  I am so excited to try the kit and start growing my skills in cheese making!

Canning and preserving is a huge part of how I run my kitchen. It is very important to me to grow and raise my own foods, but with that I need to be able to put up the bounty. Having the right canning tools makes the process that much easier and this double-spout ladle is amazing! It has an easy pour spout on both sides so you can easily fill all your jars with less mess.

These are a few of the items that I am using daily in my kitchen. There are so many items on Roots & Harvest that I am eager to try. The quality and sturdiness of their products meets my high standards and I highly recommend them.

If you are looking for that last minute Homesteader gift, look no farther! I am positive Roots & Harvest has something to satisfy every homesteader’s heart!

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Hi, I’m Stephanie Haglund (@theranchershomestead)! I am so glad you are here. We are a cattle ranching family out in Missouri, raising 3 little girls to be the next generation ranchers. From riding horses, working cattle, gardening, and raising chickens and pigs we do a little bit of it all!