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Poultry Shackle Ensures Safe and Effective Scalding

January 10, 2023

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Whether you’re raising a big flock of meat birds or have just a few backyard chickens, it makes sense to have the right equipment, so you get the best results from your time and hard work. One of the most important steps in poultry processing is the scald, which loosens the feathers and makes plucking faster and easier.

Scalding is done by dunking freshly harvested birds into hot water. Doing so opens the skin's pores and loosens the quills so the feathers (including tiny pin feathers) can be pulled quickly and easily. Our Poultry Shackle and Hook Set makes the process faster and safer by securely holding the bird by the feet so you can get a thorough dunk. It also reduces back strain and keeps hands safely away from the hot water.

Made from heavy-duty, rustproof stainless steel, the shackle lets you easily dunk the entire chicken into the scalding water — feet and all. The bird is sufficiently scalded when the tail feathers are easy to pull free and the scales on the leg come free when pinched. Similar to the shackles used by high-production processors, the shackle keeps hands safely away from the hot water without slowing down the scalding process. When you’re done, simply wash the shackle with soap and water and disinfect it with a bleach solution without fear of it rusting.

The feathers on a properly scalded bird readily release from the skin, making plucking fast, easy, and thorough. Plucking an improperly scalded bird, on the other hand, is frustrating, time-consuming, and often results in a bird with torn skin and loads of tiny pin feathers. Ensure a proper scald and make the job easier with our handy Poultry Shackles. Ideal for use with our Poultry Scalder.

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