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Preserve Freshness and Reduce Food Waste with the SureSeal Vacuum Sealer

February 21, 2023

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Reliable, durable, and convenient, the SureSeal Vacuum Sealer is a kitchen workhorse. Once you see how easy it is to seal and store meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits, you’ll wonder how you got along without it!

A vacuum sealer removes the air surrounding food that has been placed in a vacuum seal bag or container, and then it creates an airtight seal. When it comes to preserving foods, vacuum sealing has so many benefits over other storage methods. Foods stay fresher, don’t get stale, and are easier to store. It’s an ideal way to extend shelf life and reduce food waste. Our versatile SureSeal Vacuum Sealer makes vacuum sealing easy and convenient.

Seal in the freshness! By removing the air from the bag or canister, the SureSeal Vacuum Sealer preserves nutrients and locks in fresh flavor. It also helps prevents freezer burn, which results when moisture evaporates from moist foods like meat.

Save time. The SureSeal Vacuum Sealer simplifies and streamlines meal preparation. You can freeze make-ahead meals, store leftovers for longer in the refrigerator, create DIY easy-to-cook "sous vide" bags, and seal individual portions for grab-and-go lunches.

Save money. Buy food in bulk and vacuum seal to greatly extend the shelf life. Purchase fruits and vegetables when they’re in season — they’re less expensive and more flavorful! — and then vacuum pack for later use. Vacuum-sealed foods stay fresh longer, reducing the amount of food you end up tossing. Vacuum sealing also protects valuables from dust and debris.

Save space. Vacuum-sealed bags stack in the freezer, taking up less space than foods stored in plastic or glass containers. Plus, you can easily see the contents.

The SureSeal Vacuum Sealer is convenient and reliable.

  • It creates extra-wide airtight seals.
  • The easy-lock lid allows hands-free operation.
  • It makes up to 250 consecutive seals between cool-downs.
  • Multiple settings accommodate a variety of foods.
  • The intuitive function panel makes it easy to operate.
  • SureSeal bar in vacuum chamber ensures proper bag placement.

We designed this sealer with a convenient magnetic roll holder that is easily removed for two-person cutting/sealing (with one person cutting bags to size as the other seals them). The SureSeal Vacuum Sealer has silicone gaskets that resist compression, unlike the foam gaskets found in most sealers. It has a removable vacuum chamber for easy cleanup, and the slim profile makes it easy to store. As with all sealers, the gaskets and seal bar will wear over time and with use. Unlike many other vacuum sealers, we offer replacement parts to extend the life of the SureSeal Vacuum Sealer.